Tealium - iQ Tag Management

Evenica Corp

Unified TAG management platform with 50+ extensions and 1000+ turnkey vendor integrations.

Drive analytical insights from your customer interactions in your online store, provide a personalized marketing experience based on this interaction and increase your cart size and conversion rate through smart deployment of data tags. 


Having performance issues with tag management? Are you spending too much time managing your tag vendors?  Tealium provides a simplified interface to manage your tag vendors.


iQ Tag Management System


Expand the power of data ‘tags’ from the narrow application of search engine meta tagging and embrace the full power of a Tag Management System (TMS). Tags are a means to collect and move unique visitor behavior data between a website and mobile app session to your marketing analytics tools.


The iQ TMS makes it simple for users to implement, manage and maintain tags on their digital properties with an easy to use web interface. Using a TMS is integral to providing a foundation for your organization’s data collection and governance needs while helping to drive better customer experiences.


Tealium Ecosystem

Manage your tags through 1000+ turnkey vendor integrations that includes analytics platforms, customer data management solutions and customer experience channels.  Improve tag management efficiency and see gains in your deployed solutions.


Fastest Tag Delivery

The Universal Data Layer allows marketers to unify all the common definitions and nomenclature to bring all marketing technologies into harmony. It provides fast tag delivery and higher performance through intelligent vendor handling. 


Three Step Configuration

1) Tag Configuration – Select vendors and define tracking IDs and other relevant information required by each vendor to deploy your TAGs.

 2) Load Rules – Define the product detail page sections that you wish to tag.

 3) Data Management – Map the data directly from the Tealium data layer where TAGs are exposed to the desired vendor.

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