ZIWO Dynamics 365 CRM CTI Plugin

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ASWAT’s integration solution enables D365 CRM to make and receive calls through ZIWO Contact Centre

ZIWO Plugin for MS Dynamics 365 CRM Online is an easy to use application that allows MS Dynamics CRM users to use main features of Ziwo directly through the CRM. Using a Ziwo dial-pad designed for MS Dynamics CRM, users can consume Ziwo Contact Center services without having to separately log in to their website.

You can benefit from both Ziwo and Dynamics 365 CRM systems to improve your call response and satisfy your customers.


  • Receive incoming calls through Ziwo to MS Dynamics CRM Plug-In (CIF Panel).
  • Make outbound calls through CRM.
  • Click to call. Click on the Customer Number (telephone / mobile) in CRM to make calls from Contact.
  • View agent & customer call history under conversation on Contact & Cases.
  • Provision to play the call recordings in CRM.
  • Set agent status.
  • Create case on call Hang-up and related call conversation will get associated to the case for reference.

  • Benefits

  • One-time agent login to Ziwo.
  • Record call details against customer record in CRM.
  • View customer details upon receiving call from existing customer.
  • View customer details when making outbound call to existing customer.

  • The solution is developed in partnership with Microsoft partner "Infusai Solutions Pvt. Ltd." based in India.

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