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Adding Number Control and Streamline CRM Entities.

Auto Numbering for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a simple add-in component developed to address the specific functional gap of record or document unique identifying control numbers. This solution offers automatic new record number incrementing. Add number control to standard or your custom CRM Entities.

Product Highlights:

  • User defined number structure similar to that used in CRM Orders. Includes Prefix, Separator, Starting Number and the Incremental value (number).
  • Define the number of Digits (field Size) of your custom identifying number.
  • Auto Numbers are created for all records through the CRM User Interface, SDK, or offline clients (which get their auto number when synchronizing)
  • Auto Number provides you with the ability to generate Auto Numbers based on your business requirements.
  • Automatic generation of unique reference IDs for all entities across the CRM system.
  • Easy configuration and setup
  • Supports Microsoft CRM Online as well as On-Premise setup.

MTC is a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM global engineering services firm. MTC offers a “right-fit solution” model leveraging its over 50 packaged Dynamics 365 / CRM products, all customizable for you to fit unique needs, with deep CRM and CRM Portal design, development, and life cycle engineering and support for an affordable solution-gap 1-stop resource globally to end-users and Microsoft professionals of all sizes.

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