Accurately capture address data using embedded real-time lookups.

Ensure accurate address data is quickly and easily captured in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and model-driven apps using an embedded global address capture solution.

Simply enter a location using a single-line address lookup. Start at any point of the address, for example company name, building, road or postcode to see autocomplete suggestions for matching properties.

Best in class address data

Uses global address data driven by Loqate (formerly PostcodeAnywhere) sourced from Royal Mail PAF data and worldwide providers.

Works on any entity

Apply address lookups to any entity where address detail is tracked.

Reduce Failed Deliveries

Verify addresses when input to avoid poor data quality and save on wasted costs caused by failed delivery attempts.

Flexible Address Lookup

Fuzzy matching capability makes everything clear. Misspellings are corrected, abbreviations completed and missing information is populated.

Includes Loqate Lookup Capacity

This solution is supplied with inclusive capacity for Loqate address lookups which is shared across all users. No separate licence or subscription is required.

How to Deploy

Download the Address Lookup connector and get access to our entire growing collection of pre-built products by subscribing to Solutions 365 from Preact. Browse and deploy more connectors, field controls, automated processes and other usability tools that provide additional functionality and enhanced user experiences.


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