Professional Reprographic Services Inc.

Save time onboarding your employees by making your process simple, consistent, and automated.

ProGroup's Cohana can help your HR department simplify your company's onboarding process. Save time by specifying the tasks and steps required to onboard a new hire at your company once, then reuse this list as many times as you'd like.  Furthermore, reduce confusion and increase the accuracy in completion of these steps by creating a checklist of items for your onboarding staff to perform the same way each time. The app provides real time tracking as your team completes these steps so you always know how far in the process they are and what needs to be completed next.  Additionally, if your company uses email to communicate with your new hires, the Onboarding Application lets you create custom weekly messages for them based on the department and job title they have been hired into.  These emails are sent automatically each week.  Just click a button and the application will handle the rest.  For example, you can specify training items specific to a job title, or discuss activities unique to a department.  It will all be delivered on time and in a clean presentation.  

The app integrates with Azure Active Directory to determine administrator access as well as current employee names that should appear in drop down menus used in the assignment of specific roles for new hires.  All entered data will be stored within your company's instance of Microsoft Dataverse, and a premium Power Apps license is required.

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