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Surface relevant sales content and training directly on your opportiunities

Get more reps selling like your top reps with SalesHood's end-to-end sales enablement platform. Boosts sales productivity by improving knowledge, getting teams on message, reinforcing best practices, sharing content, and tracking effectiveness.

The SalesHood Guided Selling application for Microsoft Dynamics sets sellers up for immediate success in their sales process by surfacing content that is relevant to each deal directly on the opportunity. After intelligently reading fields on the opportunity, the Guided Selling app will pull sales training and sales content (such as relevant links, presentations, files, etc.) from SalesHood's content library and display it on the opportunity. By putting only the content that is relevant to your sellers at their fingertips, sellers can spend less time searching for content and more time closing more deals faster. Reps receive the training that they need for each deal that they encounter so that they can gain the necessary skills needed to get each deal to the close. Additionally, they have instant access to all of the prospect-facing content that they can share with their customers.

SalesHood's Guided Selling application is relevant for any organization that is using both SalesHood and Microsoft Dynamics. Revenue organizations of all sizes can immediately benefit from Guided Selling through our quick implementation. Guided Selling is a solution that scales as your team scales ensuring that your teams remain enabled to close more deals faster.

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