UDS Bug Handler


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Organize and fix the bugs in your Dynamics 365 promptly by establishing direct communication between

Bug Handler is a FREE add-on by UDS team. It is designed as a button called Bug Request that appears in your system after download and installation.

Bug Handler is a two-layer solution for Dynamics 365 with a user-friendly and comprehensive interface. It automatically pulls together users and developers/consultants. Improved and streamlined communication leads to faster and smarter error solving.

Right after the installation of Bug Handler in Dynamics 365, the user obtains a possibility to create error requests (right in Dynamics 365), add a description of the error, attach screenshots, save links to the problem records, send an email message, monitor the status of the issue, etc.

Once the request has been created the responsible developer receives an email with a link to the record. The developer can ask questions in the comment section, send messages, update the status of the issue, provide an estimate, and track the time spent on fixing. Also, it’s possible to review all requests and understand the overall situation in the system.

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