Seismic for PowerPoint

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Bringing Seismic features directly into PowerPoint to help sellers create high-impact presentations.

Seismic for PowerPoint allows sellers to access the latest, marketing-approved content they need, when they need it, to enhance their customer-facing presentations. With Seismic for PowerPoint, sellers can search the Seismic library and discover relevant, up-to-date content directly within their PowerPoint from either the desktop application (PowerPoint for Mac and Windows) or web (PowerPoint for Office 365).

Core Features:

  1. Easy Content Discovery: Leverage your Seismic library to search and discover the right materials for your buyer—all from within PowerPoint.
  2. Editing in PowerPoint: Personalize marketing content to the specific customer without leaving your presentation.
  3. Create a compelling engagement: With the click of a button, add the presentation to your Workspace, add collaborators to review, and leverage Seismic's LiveSend capabilities to both review and act on content engagement analytics.


  • Seismic license and account

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