Avochato Connector

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Create an SMS call center in seconds.

Avochato helps your customer support team handle inbound phone calls and SMS text messages. When your team creates a Avochato account, it receives a custom phone number. This number can be called to, texted to, or incorporated into an existing phone tree. When integrated with Microsoft Office 365 through the Connect to Office 365 button, Avochato posts inbound calls and texts to your Outlook Groups channel. These posts include MMS, video, and voicemail recordings.

The Office 365 group will be notified of the following events in Avochato:

• Inbound Calls

• Inbound SMS/MMS

• Inbound Voicemail

Connectors are available for customers with Office 365 business subscriptions. It is not available for Office 365 Dedicated and Exchange on-premises customers for now.

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