Screen9 Professional Video

על-ידי Screen9

Professional publishing and management of live and on-demand video

Screen9 professional video for Sharepoint is an intuitive but advanced service for uploading, recording, publishing, broadcasting live, managing video within Sharepoint. It focuses on workflow and to minimize tool time for publishing video. The service is integrated with many other services such as DAMs, CRMs, analytics services, video editing solutions and also comes with extensive APIs for integration to other services. The Screen9 App for iPhone/iPad can be used for content generation to further simplify content creation.

The service is cloud based and makes use of leading content delivery networks. For limited capacity networks, Screen9 supports peer-to-peer streaming behind firewalls. If content is made accessible outside of Sharepoint, video can be accessed on other sites or CMSs. Content can also be uploaded outside of Sharepoint.

Screen9 professional video for Sharepoint is based on the Screen9 online video platform, which provides access to all the features of the Screen9 platform such as:

  • True adaptive streaming up to 4k
  • Playback on all devices and browsers
  • Live broadcasts
  • Live mixing of video (live, on-demand, PowerPoint images, overlays)
  • 360°/VR video with zooming for Live and On Demand
  • Webcam recording
  • Drag and drop uploads
  • Advanced thumbnail selector
  • Trimming
  • Video offsets
  • Video site
  • Multi accounts
  • iPhone/iPad App for content generation and editing
  • Security for access restrictions
  • User roles and access privileges
  • Subtitles
  • Search and filter
  • Metadata, categories, tags, properties etc
  • HTML5 player with recommendations, sharing
  • Analytics
  • Customer services

To use the Screen9 Professional Video add-in, you must have a Screen9 account. To start a free trial, please visit

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