Drill-down column chart


Explore single or multi category data using interactive drill-down and scrolling features.

With drill-down column chart you can visualize and explore your category-based data quickly and efficiently.

Drill-down. If you add more than one category in the Category selector, drill-down mode is automatically activated. To drill-into data, simply touch the data point of your interest. With a smooth animation, you are taken to the next category. To return to the previous level, tap on the chart and move the pointer up (or click zoom-out button) or use pinch on multi-touch enabled devices.

Zoom-in/out – change dynamically the size of the columns by using pinch gesture. Automatic scrolling is enabled when viewport is not large enough to accommodate all data points. Use natural swipe to scroll the x-axis.

Long-press any of the columns to filter the rest of your dashboard by the category without drilling-down.

Combine up-to 9 series with unlimited categories to fully explore your data with a single chart.

Get additional features and customization options with the Paid drill-down column chart (

  • Additional styles for series: areas and lines;
  • Full control over stacking and clustering;
  • Customize colors, lines, fonts and markers;
  • Customize the legend;
  • Customize both value axes.

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