Wendocs Service Platform


We provide a data-driven document creation solution.

Based on top content processing technology, the "Wendocs Service Platform" helps users build high-quality documents from the most valuable data in the most natural, concise and efficient way.

Why Wendocs Service Platform
  • Efficient Information Conversion
Data driven document generate process, combined with stable, efficient and high fidelity online / offline document conversion service, helps users greatly improve the efficiency of information flow and conversion, and ensures the stable and rapid growth of enterprise business.
  • Improve Staff Efficiency
Help users establish advanced and standardized document production process, greatly shorten the time required for document production, reduce the workload of employees, improve work efficiency and reduce communication costs inside and outside the enterprise.

  • Enhance the Brand Value of Enterprises 
Help enterprises to establish a multi-channel document output system with consistent appearance and personalized content, emphasize the construction of enterprise culture connotation, and enhance enterprise brand value.

What We offer

  • Wendocs Template Designer
An add-in application for Microsoft Office Word. the "Wendocs Template Designer" can add variables and dynamic logic content to user documents. A document template containing dynamic components can generate a series of target documents according to the actual customer data. In other words, users can generate many different target documents through a simple dynamic component template.

  • Wendocs Data Tools
A simple and comprehensive data extraction tool can easily extract and separate the most valuable document content variable data from complex native business data through visual data modeling.

  • Wendocs Document Service API

A collection of powerful document processing APIs, It provides online preview support for template design users and batch document output and conversion support for document production users.

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