Agolo Summarization for Healthcare


AI-driven summarization easily integrated with Azure Cognitive Search.

Agolo Summarization for Healthcare is the only automated summarization platform optimized for the nuance and complexity of the healthcare market. 
Agolo is the leading summarization engine for enterprise use. Agolo Summarization uses natural language processing and machine learning technologies to aggregate and organize content, creating human quality summaries at machine scale.
Agolo’s AI platform analyzes millions of documents and generates contextually relevant summaries, based upon a user query. When integrated with Azure Cognitive Search, Agolo Summarization provides the following capabilities:
  • Query Expansion: Our Semantically Similar Terms engine automatically suggests related terms to expand your search query. The terms are dynamically generated based on your specific content, requiring no external ontologies nor annotation of training materials.
  • Query-Based Summaries: The Agolo summarizer automatically creates contextually relevant summaries of documents based upon the user's search query.  Each summary is unique based upon that query, so that two users each reading a summary of the same document may get different summaries based upon their interests and the search they used to access that document.
  • Ontology-Based Summaries: For organizations that have ontologies, the Agolo Summarization platform can utilize these ontologies, enabling domain or role-based summarization. For example, a technical analyst and a budget analyst looking at the same document might be interested in very different things. Agolo Ontology-Based Summarization ensures that each gets a summary aligned to their interests.
The Agolo summarization platform is deployed via Container on your Azure environment.

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