Alsid for Active Directory


Anticipate threats, detect attacks, respond to breaches

Alsid helps break the dynamic of most cyberattacks by continually protecting the most targeted entity, Active Directory.

Our flagship solution, Alsid for AD, takes a low-touch, no-nonsense approach to innovative AD security. Alsid for AD is the first proactive security platform solely dedicated to Active Directory, capable of identifying breaches, detecting real-world exploitation, and providing elaborate in-context remediation plans. As a modern solution, the agentless and non-intrusive platform offers users flexibility with easy, instant-on functionality applying standard-only protocols.
Offering real-time, continuous monitoring capabilities, the platform analyzes hundreds of weaknesses and misconfigurations to deliver SIEM-precise and correlated information reducing investigation efforts. The platform hardens directory infrastructures, enriches SOC capabilities with continuous AD threat detection, and empowers incident response and hunting teams to investigate AD-related threats.

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