על-ידי Assetas, Inc.

Operate wisely with asset management, digital inspections, audit activities, and workflow automation

Assetas provides an enterprise software platform for asset tracking and management, predictive maintenance, digital field inspections, audit activities, and workflow automation. We distinguish our product from competitors by offering a modern, integrated EAM solution with (1) a modern and intuitive user interface to reduce user training time; (2) embedded modules which leverage telemetric and user data to automate and route workflows; (3) an integrated platform for asset tracking combined with electronic field data capture (both online and offline) to ensure the inventory is always accurate; (4) seamless transition between work environments (the office, shop/warehouse, and field locations) using a single web-application for desktop/laptop, tablets, and smartphones; and (5) rapid implementation with go-live in weeks.

Our solution is designed to be flexible to accommodate varying needs of individual projects. Our clients, which range from startups to Fortune 500s to the U.S. Air Force, experience improved operational readiness, clear analytics to make rapid decisions, streamlined activities without interruptions due to connectivity challenges, and increased collaboration due to accessibility and visibility.  

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