Atos end-to-end Data Labeling Solution

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Enterprise ready data labeling solution for text, image, video, sounds

Smart labeling of unstructured data is key to success for many AI projects.

Data labeling is a costly and error-prone task that consumes a significant part of an AI project. By turning this task into an efficient process, you can focus on strategic initiatives and increase the success rate of your AI projects. Our end-to-end approach enables seamless industrialization of the labeling process and thus facilitates bringing AI projects from PoCs to the production stage.

Our solution brings three components:
  • Annotation platform: Easy to use labeling interface coupled with robust quality management for text, images, videos and sounds, available as a SaaS or on-premise solution.
  • Labeling service: Scalable workbench of SMEs with required skills and domain expertise combined with specialized methodology. 
  • AI labeling automation: Pretrained ML models and specialized methodologies (active learning, online learning, weakly supervised learning) combined with powerful APIs for automation. 
Benefits for you:
  • Industrialization of labeling process (up to 90% automated)
  • Up to 55% increase in business productivity
  • High quality and cost-efficient annotation process
  • Unlocking value in industry-specific use cases
  • Facilitating AI projects' transition from pilot to production

Our experts are ready to guide you from POV to MVP to production, oversee the deployment of automatized data labeling solution into your business pipelines and help you to unlock productivity by combining the best of human and automated labeling.

We have more than 20 customers in Insurance/Finance, Manufacturing, Telcos, Pharma, Public and Other Services. Interested? Contact us!

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