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Permissions Reporting with Sharing and Security Insights

Reduce IT’s security burden. Easily find, prioritize, and fix controls for permissions, membership, and sharing.

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Key Benefits/Features:

  • Monitor Security

Monitor Office 365 health, so you can easily identify who has access to sensitive data, whether they’ve accessed it, and if any external users pose a threat. You define what risk means to you – select the regulations or Office 365 permissions controls you care about most — we’ll do the rest.

  • Prioritize for Action

Add context to basic permissions reports by cross-referencing with Microsoft Sensitive Information Types and Microsoft Activity Feed data. By prioritizing sensitive content, external users, shadow users, and anonymous links, your IT team can take action where it has the most impact.

  • Prove Outcomes

Maintain a record of Microsoft 365 and Teams adoption and reduced exposure over time. Dashboards prove progress, so you can understand how well issues are being addressed. Demonstrate reduced risk for key stakeholders, to prove Insight value to the business.

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Please Note: After purchasing a subscription, you must sign up for the product with a Microsoft 365 Global Admin Account to consent to applications from AvePoint. If you sign up with a user account, the “Need admin approval” page will appear to require an admin to grant permission to the application.

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