SafetyAware: At-Risk and Lone Worker Safety

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Connecting workers with real time technology to enhance safety and productivity while reducing risk.

One in five workers in North America is considered a lone worker. Employees in a wide variety of fields — including social services, energy, and construction — are required to work alone or in dangerous environments, putting them at a high risk for injury, illness, and fatality. Running on Aware360’s industry-leading Connected Worker PeopleIoT™ Platform, SafetyAware provides instant communication and robust response that supports lone workers whenever, wherever they are. the solution keeps teams productive by automating manual processes, letting supervisors broadcast messages and providing data that can help improve business processes.
Key Elements:
Connected Devices
Choose from a variety of connected devices to ensure every use case is met.
1. SafetyAware App
• Send immediate SOS alerts in-case of emergency
• Set hazard timers when entering dangerous work environments
• Enhance productivity with real time digital forms
• Reduce distracted driving with automated check-ins while driving
2. Satellite Devices
• Same features and functions as the SafetyAware App
• Connection anywhere in the world
• Seamless transition between the app and satellite devices when moving in and out of cell service
3. Wearable Devices
There are times when workers need discreet, faster access to emergency assistance. All SafetyAware wearables give users the ability to send an SOS alert directly from their wrist. No smartphones at work? No problem. Leverage the Queclink standalone device to ensure the safety of workers without cellphones.

Control Center IoT Platform
The Control Center IoT Platform enables organizations to ensure their lone worker policies are followed. Managers can customize their emergency response plan and contacts, send broadcast messages, set up alerts based on locations, run reports to gather insights, and much more.
• Customizable escalation plans
• Extensive mapping interface with the ability to apply custom overlays
• Custom geo-fences for alerting, reporting and mustering
• Broadcast messaging and reminders
• Configure in-app real time forms
Real Time Response
When a worker requires emergency assistance, organizations need a live professional to take control and provide the right help. Instead of relying on supervisors who may be busy, or an automated email notification system, live monitoring provides assurance that your organizational procedures will be followed quickly and efficiently. Clients can choose to self-monitor workers through the Control Center.

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