Steer Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Suite

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Boost Profitability Through Tighter Control of Maintenance Work & Costs

Steer’s MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) Suite helps you boost profitability through tighter control of maintenance work & costs. 

The suite includes solutions such as Work Order Management, Inventory Management, Predictive Maintenance, AI-enabled Predictive Maintenance, Requisition & Procurement, and Dashboards & Reports.​

Because Steer is a no-code platform, you can easily customize these solutions through drag-and-drop to fit your operations like a glove.

Steer is ideal for both in-house maintenance teams and 3rd=party service providers, and applicable to a myriad of industries and company sizes. Facility management, HVAC, manufacturing & resources, diesel engine & heavy equipment industries, and marine & large land vehicles are some of the industries that can reap benefits from Steer's MRO Suite.

The suite includes:

  • Work Order Management - Track progress and inputs to each maintenance or repair job
  • Inventory Management - Schedule periodic or at-need maintenance work
  • AI-enabled Predictive Maintenance - Gather large amounts of data and automatically trigger preemptive maintenance work
  • Requisition & Procurement - Streamline the replenishment of stocks, from purchase request approval to sourcing
  • Dashboard & Reports - Generate actionable insights from data generated across your entire digitalized operations

Steer offers both web portal and mobile app for internal team members to manage tasks either in the field or on the shop floor.

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