Safe Steps

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Safe Steps helps you go back to work safely by automating social distancing and contact tracing.

Safe Steps is an IoT solution developed to support businesses in safety management during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Wearable devices assigned to each employee and visitor use BLE-based proximity technology to detect social distancing violations and warn users so that they can autonomously protect themselves against the spread of the virus.

Without the necessity of internet connection in the devices or a company-wide gateway installation, smart wearable devices are able to measure social distancing, record risk interaction matrix and transfer logs to a central management panel that can be accessed only by the authorized personnel and where interaction data can be visualized and used to trace back contamination if a COVID-19 case is identified within the facilities. Boni Device Manager mobile application provides an interface for the end users where they can view their compliance to social distancing regulations with their social distancing score, configure their wearable devices and view battery status of their device.

To provide a more comprehensive health and safety solution for manufacturing facilities, the new Emergency module has been added to Safe Steps for more effective emergency planning, prevention of accidents and decreasing emergency response time. Using the same technology infrastructure with the addition of location sensors, the new Safe Steps module allows management to monitor stillness or falls, oversee emergency evacuation through the management panel and respond to accidents and emergencies faster. This multi-faceted solution aims to simplify safety management by providing comprehensive protection for employees and visitors.

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