LANA Asset

על-ידי Callpass LLC

Asset Tracking Application Offering

Empower Your Asset Management with a Cutting-Edge Cloud-Based Platform

LANA Asset, powered by CallPass, supercharges your operations by providing an advanced solution to manage each asset in your fleet. This powerhouse SaaS platform from CallPass provides a full suite of advanced asset tracking features and functionality and is highly configurable.

Streamline Your Asset Management

Leverage Azure IoT Hub and Azure Plug-and-Play to bring your own GPS trackers and connect them to CallPass's industry-leading asset management platform. This swift and easy to navigate connection will allow you to elevate your operations through asset visibility, utilization, scalability, and analytics.

Developed specifically for powered and non-powered assets and equipment, LANA Asset is transforming how companies operate and manage their assets. Offering customers, a super intuitive easy-to-use dashboard for locating, analyzing, monitoring, and controlling all its assets and equipment across all environments and industrial markets.

Made For Powered & Non Powered Assets In Every Industry

No matter what industry your assets and equipment operate in LANA™ Asset will put you in control. LANA™ Asset will work seamlessly with all of your GPS trackers.

·        Transportation & Logistics

·        Scrap & Waste Management

·        Construction & Heavy Equipment

·        Mobile Equipment

·        Intermodal

·        Equipment Rentals

·        Agriculture Industry

·        Trailer Leasing

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