Cegeka Capacity Smart Parking

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Enabling customers to turn their existing parking assets into a smart mobility hub

Cegeka has a long-term vision and looks at trends in the market to understand evolution and design solutions for our customers, so they benefit from technology both today and tomorrow. We saw in the market there were increasing challenges when it comes to parking capacity for companies in cities and communities. Challenges that have increased even more due to Covid-19.

  1. The need for flexible use of working spaces goes hand in hand with parking spaces.
  2. Due to urbanization, there is an increasing need for off-street parking within cities. On the contrary, government is applying new regulations on the ratio of parking spots real estate developers are allowed to build.
  3. Empty parking lots and empty parking spots during the day or after hours, is an opportunity to increase revenue streams.

Capacity was built from the ground up aiming to innovate and simplify the way our customers operate their parking assets. All this with the support of Microsoft as an important part of our product’s architecture and tooling. By providing a state-of-the-art, autonomous and intuitive platform, developed with and powered by Azure, we are now able to effectively manage and optimize the utilization of parking space, deliver operational excellence, allow tenants to self-operate their rented space and provide access to unique smart mobility services. All while enhancing the end user’s parking experience. 

Our user-friendly and sustainable platform offers a number of advantages: 

  • multiple tenants can manage their own rental agreements
  • Earn income from underused or empty parking assets
  • Unburden the customers of our customers who use the car park by offering a seamless parking experience
  • We connect parking hardware such as barriers, detection loops, ANPR cameras and information screens to the back-end system in one end-2-end solution
  • The platform helps you set up and manage all your parking facilities centrally and from the cloud.
  • Integration with building systems or even with Mobility-as-a-service apps. 
Cegeka Capacity: technology should manage parking assets - not people. 

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