Format and function preserving encryption an tokenization enterprise-grade API

DSaaS is an Encryption and Tokenization service available as an API for instant integration for any applications - legacy or cloud/SaaS-based. Designed for today’s data-centric businesses, DSaaS allows anyone to encrypt (on demand) any data type to meet any data governance, policies or compliance needs - all the while allowing full control of your data and the associated keys! 

Key-Value Proposition:  DSaaS is an Agentless service, offers the Strongest security that's FIPS 140-2 certified. Comes ready with comprehensive Key Mgmt (KMS), available in all deployment options, and as such provides flexibility depending on the application or use-case. DSaaS is fully Function and format and length Preserving and meets Compliance - HIPAA, GLBA, GDPR, CCPA, PCI, SOC2, ISO27001.

Business Audience: With the growth in sensitive data that companies need to collect, process, and share, the handle has necessitated securing that data no matter where it lies in the organization. Protecting against data breaches and staying fully complaint are weighing on businesses of all sizes. DSaaS provides a painless but powerful API platform that can be operationalized instantly. 

Target Industry: DSaaS is built for all data-centric organizations, esp. Fintech/Financial and BFSI in general. Pharma and Healthcare, Payroll, Data analytics, Telco, and more.

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