CloudBees Core

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CloudBees Core on Azure (Bring your own License)

CloudBees Core brings enterprise robustness to Jenkins.

Enhancing the same Jenkins that you know and love, CloudBees Core is a suite of enterprise-level plugins that secures and optimizes Jenkins, eliminates downtime and helps manage Jenkins more effectively. With unlimited professional support for open source Jenkins and all Jenkins community plugins, CloudBees Core provides five categories of plugins to address core challenges typically found in enterprise Jenkins implementations:

  • Continuous Delivery: enables you to more easily manage complex software delivery pipelines
  • Security: help administrators secure their projects and/or installations
  • High Availability: eliminate downtime due to Jenkins master failures
  • Large Implementations: helps administrators manage large numbers of Jenkins jobs, projects and teams
  • Optimized Utilization: make better use of existing resources, greatly improving build times and reducing costs

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