Collabspace ARCHIVE: Content Protection and Search

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Protect Your Information & Achieve Regulatory Compliance. Cross Platform Data Archive

Collabspace ARCHIVE Features

Content connectors automatically stream and index your files into a data lake in real-time to achieve secure archiving, multi-level permissioned access and ensure seamless business continuity.Protect your information and enable multi-platform search and comprehensive visibility. 

Compliant Archive

Defensibly archive native files and all related metadata and versions for accurate management, discovery, and insights

Data Encryption

All Binary Large Object (BLOB) content encrypted with cryptographic HSM keys both in-transit and at rest

WORM Protection

Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) storage prevents tampering or deletion. Set secure permissions-based access levels.

Security Trimming

Search results automatically trimmed according to user access permissions to ensure only those assigned can view

Search Across All Content Repositories for Unified Results

Find content using keywords and metadata based on access levels.

Template View & Queries

Set Search dashboard based on the file details you want to see (location, format, type, etc). Save & share common search parameters.

Filter & Sort Results

Execute keyword and metadata searches using advanced Boolean, Proximity, and Fuzzy logic. View, sort & export results by any field

Preview Files

Open and view files using web or mobile devices to ensure you have what you’re looking for


Each file version is stored as separate BLOB, ensuring maximum content recoverability & protection

Email Threads

Each email is archived in .EML format & given a unique email ID. Threads are given conversation IDs to keep them and attachments intact.

File System Connector

Manage file share content located behind on-prem firewalls. Support export & transfer processes with complete content history, audit & metadata extraction capabilities.

Export in Bulk

View search results in spreadsheet-like interface with flexible columns & sort filters. Export for eDiscovery, FOIA, ATIP, GDPR processing

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