CyberX IoT Security Platform, Integrated with Azure Security Center for IoT

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Gain deep visibility into IoT assets, vulnerabilities, and threats.

Looking for deep visibility into unmanaged IoT assets like smart building devices, security cameras, VoIP phones, IIoT sensors, wireless access points, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs)?

Because these connected devices can’t be protected by agent-based technologies — and are often unpatched or misconfigured — they can easily be compromised by adversaries to gain access to corporate networks in order to steal intellectual property and customer data, deploy ransomware, and siphon resources for botnets and cryptojacking.

Within minutes of being connected to the network, CyberX’s agentless IoT security platform provides real-time visibility into all unmanaged IoT devices, risks, and threats — without impacting performance. It leverages the industry’s only patented, M2M-aware behavioral analytics to eliminate the need for any manual configuration of rules or signatures.

According to the CTO and GM of Microsoft’s Cloud and AI Security Division: “CyberX’s IoT security platform and integration with the Microsoft Azure Security Center for IoT enables customers to go further and faster with IoT innovations that drive new revenue streams and operational efficiencies — without compromising on security.”

Key capabilities: 

·        Enables micro-segmentation and zero-trust by auto-discovering all IoT assets (MAC, IP, manufacturer, type, subnets, ports, protocols, DNS, etc.).

·        Provides a risk score with mitigation recommendations based on vulnerabilities detected and IoT-specific threat intelligence from Section 52, CyberX’s in-house team of security researchers.

·        Continuously monitors network traffic and generates real-time alerts when devices exhibit anomalous or unauthorized behavior indicating compromise or misconfiguration.

·        Integrates with Azure Security Center for IoT to provide single pane-of-glass visibility of cyber risk for all managed and unmanaged IoT devices.

·        Integrates with existing IT security stacks to enable rapid operationalization in your SOC, including with SIEMs such as Microsoft Sentinel, plus security orchestration solutions, CMDBs, firewalls, NAC, etc.

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