על-ידי Devicie Pty Ltd

A cloud-native platform to help you achieve a secure, modern workplace

Devicie has reinvented device security and management for organisations, empowering people to work safely and productively. Our automated cloud-native platform leverages Intune to securely set up, manage and secure every end-user Windows, macOS, iOS and Android device, wherever they are. What makes Devicie so unique is that it delivers a powerful modern workplace as a service, ensuring uncompromising security, ongoing compliance and complete visibility and control

Fast and pain free migration to Intune

  • Automates Intune’s customisation, configuration and deployment across your fleet, while providing your team complete visibility and control via the dashboard

Enable your modern workforce

  • Employee devices can be onboarded painlessly, anywhere in the world, on their device of choice, with the applications they need

Uncompromising end user security

  • All provisioning, packaging and patching of devices, operating systems and applications, takes place automatically - in line with best practice frameworks, including CIS, ASD E8, PCI DSS and ISO27001

Extensive inventory and compliance reporting

  • Dashboards provide complete visibility over device and application inventory, compliance status and warranty information

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