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LogiCloud is a cloud based platform pre-connected to over 50 logistics service provider’s APIs to pr

LogiCloud helps enterprises manage their supply chain partners, through:

- Order Management (the system can automatically assign the ideal transporter for each delivery job)

- Delivery Monitoring (track your orders across their delivery life-cycle with any of the top 50+ transporters of India, all within one portal)

- Real-Time Visibility (pre-connected to 30+ leading GPS vendors to help you monitor your complete operations on one map)

- Gain Intelligence (with Machine Learning being used to predict operational trends and per-delivery outcomes, along with analysis of IoT sensor data to alert you when needed)

- Ensure Compliance (by auditing PODs and maintaining a scorecard of transporter performance)

- Stay on Track (with over 150+ charts and 50+ detailed reports)

- Connected Ecosystem (do everything within LogiCloud, from automatically filing e-way bills, to recharging toll-tags and fuel-cards, to even furnishing vendor payments via connected bank accounts)

To summarize, whether you are in the domain of 3PL, manufacturing, retailer, or service industry, if you interact with the supply chain, LogiCloud can be your single point of contact. Better still, it can do so by integrating with your existing infrastructure (ERP system).

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