EM.Connect - Retail

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Make your retail spaces efficient & save costs on Energy, Visits, Maintenance with good Air-Quality

Want to manage all your retail locations centrally, improve air-quality to make it safe for doing business and reduce your overall energy footprint in each of your locations?

EM.Connect-Retail is a Monitoring & Control cloud service combining benefits of next generation IoT devices, secure cloud and building automation on public cloud, on a pay-as-you-go mode. Using web and mobile interfaces EM.Connect-Retail provides companies a way to securely connect all their geographical locations, optimize energy and ensure comfort & health.

It helps control devices including Air-Conditioners, Baseboard Heaters, Lighting, Displays and more, with optimal control decisions using data from IoT sensors for air-quality (Temperature, Humidity, VOC, PM2.5), Occupancy, etc.

EM.Connect-Retail is ideal for companies of any size with distributed locations that want their portfolio to be efficient & save operational and energy costs; for both new construction and renovation of bank branches, retail / telecom outlets, restaurant chains, etc.

With EM.Connect-Retail you can:

  • Control any devices including Air-Con units, Baseboard heaters to run on pre-set automatic centrally managed schedules
  • Manage organization wide comfort setpoints and healthy air-flow standards
  • Save energy costs up to 15% every month and site-visit costs
  • Optimize COMFORT + ENERGY + HEALTH for each location
EM.Connect-Retail meets enterprise requirements for security, scalability, automated settings management and workflow.

Create a centralized facilities management solution with EM.Connect-Retail by completing the following steps: 

  1. Estimate potential savings on energy, site-visits and more using our calculator.
  2. Request for a free detailed savings evaluation session with our expert team.
  3. Deploy EM.Connect Retail solution for selected trial locations and train your facilities team.
  4. Your team can add more locations to increase overall energy and site-visit savings.
  5. Increase comfort, health and overall workplace satisfaction in all locations.

Contact Energy Metrics to get your EM.Connect-Retail provisioned for you. And start saving.

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