Actio IRPF for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

על-ידי INTEGRA

Personal Income TAX ( IRPF)

The Personal Income Tax or IRPF is a tax that saves the income obtained in a calendar year by companies based in Spain.

The IRPF withholding module developed by Actio Procesos & Tecnología, allows you to manage received and issued invoices with withholding, such in their accounting and in the subsequent settlement of AEAT models. With a few simple steps, you do not have to manually post IRPF on your invoices. With a simple configuration, the system is informed of the retention type that my customers and suppliers have, the retention percentage and the accounts that will be used when registering the invoices are defined.

This personal income tax withholding solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is aimed at companies with a high volume of professionals who provide services to them.

"This application is available only in Spanish"

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