CO2 Care: Smart Building for preventive Healthcare

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smart air quality solution based on internet of things

CO2 Care is a SaaS and multi-user platform for preventive healthcare powered by Microsoft Azure that allows the management of air quality in indoor spaces. This IoT system allows the supervision of CO2, which is correlated with the probability of spreading diseases due to the existence of pathogens (viruses or bacteria) in that environment if it is poorly ventilated. There is a direct link between CO2 levels and common health issues because this gas displaces the surrounding oxygen causing health problems (headaches, lack of concentration, drowsiness, dizziness and respiratory problems).

This IoT end-to-end solution will allow companies to manage their indoor air quality to prevent health issues in their employees by providing real-time, 24/7 and smart data. CO2 Care opens a new way of decision-making based on sensor data and Internet od Things technologies.The data is processed through Microsoft’s Azure analytics capabilities and provided in the user application based on IoT Central. The system allows a great level of customization in terms of users, roles, panels with dashboards, maps, data visualization, alerts, rules, actions, etc.

CO2 Care is helping companies manage their air quality by providing them powerful, smart devices powered by Microsoft Azure and AI technology. By placing these IoT-enabled sensors in their sites, they receive data, analyzed by Azure, that helps them to take data-based decisions. The solution is here to help HR departments to take better actions in their risk prevention activities. We must empower every company in the world with the right tools to have a healthy workplace and higher employee satisfaction.

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