Smarteye: Smart Agriculture As a Service

על-ידי INTEGRA

Microsoft preferred solution

smart agriculture solution based on internet of things

Smarteye is a SaaS and multi-user platform for the agricultural sector powered by Microsoft Azure that allows the visualization of high value agronomic data. This IoT system allows the supervision of fields and farms by obtaining useful information from the crops, soil and characteristics of the surroundings to help farmers in achieving a data-based decision making process. Smarteye demonstrates how the use of IoT and analytics enables farmers to realize higher crop yields and reduce their environmental footprint. 

The product idea emerges as a solution to digitize the agricultural sector and make life easier for farmers, who are the basis of our economy. Thanks to Smarteye, the farmer will be able to control all his crops and save time and money without leaving his house. Furthermore, he can receive a forecast through his mobile device of the different variables that are affecting his crops. Thanks to it, the farmer will have support in the decision making process based on real data. Smarteye is the first global solution to democratize the use of IOT for smart agriculture, optimizing production, improving farm profitability and making farms more sustainable.

The data collected by the sensors is stored and visible in Smarteye's responsive web-application . It has different functionalities that allow the user to monitor their fields thanks to its intuitive interface. The data is processed through an analytics platform and visible in the farmer's user application to help with farming practices like seeding, irrigation, and harvesting. The setup is tailored to the farmer’s individual needs, allowing them to apply their own logic to create the specific data insights they need.

One of the main functions it has is the possibility of creating and generating custom alarms on the home screen that warn the farmer of possible alterations that might affect their crops and require a quick response, such as lack of moisture in the soul or the risk of frost. In addition to this function, the application allows to select each of the indicators separately and obtain a more specific historic data of each variable.  Compatible variables include: soil moisture & temperature, leaf wetness, solar radiation, stem/truck/fruit diameter, wind vane & speed, pluviometry, air temperature/humidity/pressure, luminosity, leaf and flower bud temperature, soil oxygen level, conductivity, water potencial, volumetric water content, etc.

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