MTRX K1 Safe Reentry fueled by Extreme Networks

על-ידי Extreme Networks

The first multi-sensor health scanning system that enables safe re-entry for COVID-19.

The K1 is designed to be flexible to meet any customer’s unique needs. Healthcare providers, government offices, critical businesses, retirement communities, manufacturers, corporate offices, schools, universities, and live sport and entertainment providers are just a few examples of the types of organizations that use the MTRX K1. Using computer vision technology, the K1 can be used to determine if employees or customers are wearing masks. The K1 can also be programmed with mandatory screening questions which are required in some settings. The K1 takes over 450,000 measurements per second of the heart rhythm, respiration rhythm, and multi-point temperature of the person being scanned. This is a significant advantage over any other technology on the market. Over a period of 9 seconds, the system analyzes over 4 million independent physiologic measurements to evaluate the person’s health. The K1 then analyzes the combination of these measurements to determine whether or not a person is healthy or potentially has an infectious disease like COVID-19. This enables your business to stay open and regains the trust and confidence of your organization's most crucial stakeholders.

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