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A cloud native shift book and event log, bringing the digital revolution to the factory floor

CSHIFT.iO is a cloud native shift book and event log for your plant or factory, currently accessible via our early adopters program.

It provides a central location for all your operational and shift related information in your plant or factory.
No more trying to read hand written notes, no more searching of huge text or excel files. With CSHIFT.IO the operator finds the information needed quickly.

By storing all events in your plant or factory CSHIFT.IO provides a unique view of your production. You can see not only what has happened, but also what lead to that event. Invaluable insights on your operation can be gained from having a full history. This event log is great base for your internal data analytics.

Operators and workers can:

  • See their schedule
  • Add and discuss shift book entries, tasks and maintenance requests
  • See what happened in the past
  • Get notifications on relevant events
  • Be reminded on work that has to be done
  • Collaborate on shift book entries, tasks and maintenance requests
  • Work on checklists and site walks

Leaders and managers can:

  • Add / remove new locations, sites and shift books
  • Create shift schedules by hand or automatically
  • Send notifications to specific groups, for example a certain shift
  • Get an overview of all sites they are responsible for
  • Close or approve tasks and maintenance requests


  • Full event history of everything that has happened in your plant or factory
  • Digital shift handover
  • Customization of shift book entries and reports
  • Task and maintenance management
  • Multiple sites and locations
  • Shift planning and scheduling
  • Automatic schedule creation
  • Employee skills and shift preferences
  • Role based user management
  • Integration into Azure Active Directory and Office 365
  • Collaboration on tasks and maintenance requests
  • Notifications
  • Recurring and scheduled tasks
  • Checklists
  • Site walks

Anything missing you need? We would love to talk to you about your requirements, please contact us!

Want to try it or stay informed about the development of CSHIFT.IO?
Ask about our early adopters program and the benefits it provides to you!

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