Infosys Live Enterprise Application Mgmt Platform

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Infosys Live Enterprise Application Management Platform

Infosys Live Enterprise Application Management Platform is a platform-centric approach for AMS services that helps accelerate the development of an AMS platform that suits the client’s context. It makes application management agile, intelligent, integrated, and business outcome-driven using Microsoft integration products on-premise, and/or considering Azure. The offering is unique and differentiated in many respects:


  • Live Enterprise Application Management Platform provides the right combination of Azure services, best-of-breed commercial off the shelf products as well as open-source software and in-house tools to make AMS services agile and business outcome-driven for faster time to market and better value realization
  • Live Enterprise Application Management Platform helps navigate to an Agile, DevOps driven Digital Application Management
  • Live Enterprise Application Management Platform applies technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Conversational AI, Cognitive automation along with processes like Agile and DevOps-and micro-services architecture to make IT operations efficient
  • Close collaboration with Microsoft on AMS offering solution


Some of the key features include the following:

  • Models Customer Journeys and Value Streams to create Live Enterprise with its Business Control Center
  • Builds Knowledge Graphs using Digitized Knowledge Models of the Business & Application Support Processes
  • Predicts, decides the next-best-action & diagnoses with its Digital Brain powered by Big Data Analytics (Spark, Hadoop) & Stream Processing Tech (Kafka, Spark Streaming, Storm)
  • Provides self-service for high first call resolution and faster responses
  • Leverages Bots for Automated Incident Response
  • Motivates Support Engineers and influences their behavior with Gamified IT Support Tasks
  • Fully integrated with Azure services Ecosystem

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