Infosys Virtual Assistant

Infosys Ltd

We provide services related to building bots using QnA and other Cognitive services.

Infosys provides Intelligent Bot Services which can be integrated with virtually any system. You can also enable the same bot on multiple channels including the custom ones or those not yet supported directly e.g. WhatsApp.

Infosys Virtual Assistant is a Bot which supports multiple AI & NLP features and requirements. We can integrate bot with variety of cognitive services like Text Analytics, OCR, document reader, etc. to support variety of features. We have also integrated bots with many systems like Dynamics, ServiceNow, SalesForce, Workday, On Premise systems etc. For the need of integration Infosys offers integration via Logic Apps, Power Automate, REST apis etc.

On Azure platform bot makes use of wide range of Azure Services like Bot Registration, App Service, App Insights, Cognitive Services, Cosmos DB, Azure storage etc., while our bot solutions on Power Virtual Agent offers one stop solution for all bot needs where bot, web service, NLP and bot analytics are packaged in box and offered as SaaS offering.

With its 24x7 availability, end users are able to talk to customers, virtually in any language thanks to its Microsoft’s translator apis. This helps in reducing the operational cost to support to wide customer base and help agents concentrate their time and energy on more complicated tasks.
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