Process Runner for Microsoft 365

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Turns Excel into your data management cockpit for SAP

Streamline and speed up SAP data management with Process Runner from insightsoftware. With immediate time savings and financial benefits, your enterprise can save up to 90% on your SAP data processing times. Empower your internal teams and change your business with SAP data automation from Process Runner.

It’s time to stop relying on IT to manage data uploads and downloads to SAP. Process Runner turns Microsoft Excel into your data management cockpit for SAP with no-code transaction automation, powerful data management, and flexible workflow features that make working in any business process faster and easier.

Quickly automate the collection, validation, and movement of SAP data and leave error-prone, manual operations behind. Run T-codes, BAPIs, GUI Scripting, and Data Extractor technology right from Excel without complex integrations or back-end SAP configuration changes.
1. Eliminate manual data entry to SAP
2. 1,900 Ready to Run Templates and online video resources to get you started
3. Comply with security, governance, and compliance protocols

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