IamOK Corporate

על-ידי Integris S.p.A.

IamOK is the contact tracing and social distancing solution designed for companies

IamOK identifies the devices through an anonymous digital id and provides profiling functionality for the security management of access to reporting dashboards.

IamOK is the Contact Tracing and Partner Distancing solution that allows each company to start safely through:

  • Rapid adaptation to new health directives and regulations
  • Easily configurable constraints for social distance, adaptable for the specific area, time and context
  • Always have the updated authorization model
  • Intelligent access management in the workplace
  • Monitoring of general health and risks for a specific area through the consultation of overall statistical data
  • The digital management of the self-certifications required for travel/visits
  • And the Push Notification Service for sending messages to the app's user ID
  • Possible integration with other sensors, e.g. air quality, for measurement of sanitization level

IamOK was designed and manufactured with the utmost attention to respect of personal data; to ensure the highest levels of confidentiality.  The administration and configuration interface allows you to customize the application according to your needs

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