Intelligent Traffic Management


Collected Intelligence to detect and track pedestrians and vehicles

The Intelligent Traffic Management (ITM) uses the DL Streamer in the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit for detecting and tracking vehicles and pedestrians as well as estimating a safety metric for an intersection. The DL Streamer preprocesses the input and performs inference according to the pipeline settings. Object traffic gives the ability to estimate trajectories and speeds of objects and can be used to adjust traffic lights with optimized traffic flow or to evaluate and enhance safety by allowing emergency services notifications to be triggered by collision detection.


  • Multi-channel support to use multiple input video feeds
  • Options to configure input feed
  • Visualization right on the edge through Grafana Dashboard
  • Edge2Cloud through Azure IoT Central
  • Supported hardware: CPU, iGPU, HDDL-R, VPU
  • Validated hardware: IEI* TANK AI/IoT Developer Kit (Intel® Core™ Processor)

* Please refer to the recommended hardware list to select the right hardware.

The user can continue to enhance the application just for the edge or extend it to the cloud through Microsoft Azure* IoT Hub or create a Custom App through Azure* IoT Central. Run a sample script to fetch telemetry data from Influx DB where all data is locally stored and send data to the Azure IoT Central dashboard for visualization and other services to meet their needs.

The ITM Solution, used for networking applications, can be found directly under the Edge Insights for Vision category at Intel's Edge Software Hub (ESH) along with other Network Solutions. For a list of all Reference Implementations, Use Cases, and Packages, refer to the solutions page of ESH.

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