InvestSuite - Investtech-as-a-Service

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We help financial institutions serve their clients with our suite of modern investment solutions.

InvestSuite is a pure B2B Software-as-a-Service provide helping banks, brokers, wealth managers, asset managers, private banks, pension funds and other financial institutions serve their clients better with our suite of modern digital investment solutions.

We have four modular solutions:

1) Robo Advisor - A low-cost, customisable digital wealth management tool that converts dormant savings into profitable investment assets and gives the end customer the confidence to invest for their future. As a financial institution you can choose to use model portfolios or alternatively leverage our Portfolio Optimizer technology to deliver genuinely hyper-personalised portfolios. Our B2B Robo Advisor includes a MIFID compliant onboarding module, a fully white-labelled customisable front end and hybrid workflows to deliver either advised or non-advised journeys to your clients, all wrapped in outstanding UI/UX.

2) StoryTeller - A worldwide ‘first’ new way of ‘telling the story’ of retail clients' portfolio performance, our StoryTeller solution explains historical performance of an investment portfolio in understandable language to retail investors. This helps financial institutions drive outstanding levels of engagement with their clients, and provides clients with an interactive way to understand their portfolio performance whether it is an advised or non-advised journey.

3) Self Investor - A next-generation white-label execution-only platform for easy investing. Give self-directed investors the online tool they have been waiting for. Around one in five retail investors is deemed to be ‘self-directed’. Not only do they want more control over their investments – conducting their own research and making their own investment decisions – but they want to become better investors. As such, they seek inspiration and education to help them build better portfolios.

4) Portfolio Optimizer - The next-generation quant tools that provide cost-effective solutions for more efficient portfolio management. Using our fourth generation measure of risk called iVaR we look at risk through a totally different lens to others - in a human-centric way, assessing true portfolio risk as drawdown length and depth. This measure is at the core of our Portfolio Optimizer and allows us to deliver "smoother rides" to both retail clients, private bank and wealth management clients as well as pension providers, asset managers and sovereign wealth funds managing money for their own account. 

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