LOMT Pool Testing


LOMT – Pool-testing management software for COVID-19 mass screening

Laboratory Optimizer for Mass Testing (LOMT) is laboratory software for the management of COVID-19 pool testing. It allows the testing of 2 to 30 times more people with the existing resources of a laboratory by reducing the quantity of assays, reagents and time spent on each test.

  • Qualitative test of the presence of a single target component — i.e., SARS-CoV-2 RNA
  • PCR and other techniques that allow mixing several specimens into an assay
  • A large number of single-type tests (>100) with a prevalence below 20%

Use cases
  • Frequent screening of high-risk groups or those involved in human interaction activities — medical staff, teachers and students, public services, company employees
  • Epidemiological surveillance of the population to monitor the general infectious state, early detection of infected people and localization of foci of infection
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