QSR Production Management Decision Automation

על-ידי Kitchen Brains

QPM4 production management decision automation ensures product availability and freshness

QPM4 Quality Production Manager, takes QSR kitchen automation to the next level with an end-to-end, closed-loop production management solution that employs predictive analytics informed by historical data, real-time sales and defined hold times to determine what, when and how much to cook, and when to discard expired product.

QPM4 employs IoT devices with edge computing that are directly connected to kitchen appliance controllers and manage information locally. Azure IoT Central simplifies the QPM4 solution in the cloud to deliver analytics to store, regional, national and global management via any connected device.

QPM4 shifts critical production decisions from busy, multi-tasking managers and crew members with varying experience to data-driven technology to:
    • Ensure product availability
    • Improve product freshness
    • Increase sales
    • Reduce labor and training costs
    • Decrease kitchen chaos
    • Enhance the guest experience
    • Grow repeat business

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