1 week Proof-of-concept BI with Power BI

Move AS

Proof-of-concept (PoC) Business Intelligence (BI) solution using Power BI as a visualization tool.

This application is available in Norwegian and English.

In this Business Intelligence Service, the customer will receive a proof-of-concept (PoC) Business Intelligence (BI) solution using Power BI as a visualization tool. The service will be useful for customers who are considering implementing a larger BI solution, or for customers who are inexperienced with the use of Business Intelligence and analytics. The solution can be run as a pilot project where the customer can subsequently evaluate the value and possible further development.


Business Intelligence helps to promote a data-driven culture where decision-making is to a greater extent supported by data and thus increase the quality of future decision-making.


The Proof-of-concept solution will include:

·       A Brief and precise mapping of the customer's desire for the finale result.

·       A maximum use of two data sources. Authentication and access to data sources must be facilitated in advance due to time efficiency as the main focus is the BI solution.

·       Data sources are directly linked to Power BI, and can come from on-premise or from various cloud providers.

·       Transformation and cleansing of data, in addition to KPIs, as well as measurements that will be carried out in Power BI.

·       Design of Power BI report and Dashboard for laptop and smartphone view.

·       Review of Power BI PoC and customer training.

Price: NOK 89 000

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