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Number #1 platform for international brands & retailers to become adaptive to change.

Unified Commerce is the new reality in retail
Today, customers don’t think in terms of online and offline, separate shops, or country borders. 
They just shop at a brand, and expect the same ultimate experience, everywhere they go.

To make this work, all transactional, stock and customer data must be transparent across the whole customer journey – with secure fiscal compliance. 
This requires a new level of connectivity across all systems and partners of a brand, working together seamlessly.

Agile and Adaptive to change 
EVA will exponentially reduce the complexity, and at the same time reduce the overall IT costs dramatically. Although this is great, the real motivator to use EVA is that brands and retailers become adaptive to change. EVA leads to an increase of offline- and online conversion > 20%, Increase of average transaction value of > 25%, the increase of sales associates productivity > 20% and a decrease of direct IT costs > 30%.

Built on the Best-of-Technology 
Our aim is to fight legacy technology. That’s why our platform is designed to effortlessly adopt the latest back-end applications, front-end frameworks or innovative solutions.

Unified by Design 
Customers don’t think in terms of sales channels. So, neither do we. All applications on the EVA platform are Unified By Design, ready to support any modern commercial and fulfilment scenario.

Real-time and interconnected 
Unified Commerce runs on real-time data. From customer profiles to inventory levels. So, that’s exactly what we offer. Infinitely scalable, at unparalleled speeds.

Trust your Unified Commerce 
Get security from the ground up, backed by a team of experts, and proactive compliance trusted by governments. With a global compliance team that is working every day on the fiscalization, transactional compliance and privacy we can say that compliance is foundational for EVA.
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