OrthoGraph Enterprise 10 000sqm

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Operational BIM, as-built & inventory system supporting facility and maintenance management

Get in control and stay in control with OrthoGraph, the Operational BIM ecosystem tailor made for Facility Management. With this powerful SaaS you can digitize your building data straight to BIM with simple tools at high speed and low cost. Add asset inventory to your 2D+3D floorplans, and further boost your Digital Twin with unique identifiers (bar codes, RFID), photos, video. The Operational BIM of OrthoGraph becomes a part of the regular operational work highly increasing its performance.


Capturing graphical data and inventory of buildings already in use is the first key component of OrthoGraph. Simple tools like iPad, laser distance meter, RFID readers ensures the ruggedness of our solution, and our wokflows simplify to data capturing to be done with high accuracy and speed. Our SaaS solution handling the Operational BIM model can be integrated with any IWMS, CAFM, CMMS, BMS or ERP systems at the same time. The BIM can be accessed on-site and in the office at the same time by several users enhancing the operational workflows and reducing their time and cost requirement while improving their performance. While all moves, changes, refurbishments are recorded in our graphica mobile app by the regular maintenance crew, always up-to-date building and asset data is assured.


Operational BIM (incl. detailed RFID asset inventory) captured and maintained by low-cost rugged devices and not requiring highly-educated operational crew. Every building - including those already in use - must be operated based on real-life, accurate data. Maintenance workflows and building knowledge must be centralized and controllable. Moves, repairs, refurbishment etc. is simplified by always accessible graphical building documentation. That's enabled with a simple, mobile + web technology.


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