Premier Tech Data Connector

על-ידי Premier Tech Digital Limited

Collect, centralize and standardize real-time equipment /asset data

Standardized data give an insightful and deep understanding of a situation. This enables companies to improve decision-making by building on a rational, common and thorough understanding of the situation. Data collection and processing are the first steps to digitalization.

Building on more than 20 years of experience in increasing efficiencies at plant level through the implementation of manufacturing execution systems (MES), Premier Tech Digital team of experts configures and integrates perfectly adapted solutions to collect, centralize and process real-time equipment, asset and software data.


  • Collect and share real-time equipment, asset and software data
  • Centralize data leveraging Microsoft Azure data storage services
  • Standardize data with real-time data transformation, such as automatically converting measurement units
  • Feed any other Microsoft Azure services with data



  • Improve information sharing
  • Ensure consistent data interpretation
  • Base decision-making on a common understanding of the situation
  • Improve the quality of work life by automating data collection

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