The project portfolio and process management tool. Standardizing your projectmanagement processes with standard or custom template projecttypes. Migreat! generates full transparency on project status, health, progress and all elements of the projectmanagement triangle for all levels within your organisation. With standard integration of Power BI reports customers are able to display real-time information according to each stakeholders requirements. Migreat! is easy and fast to use, it can be used out of the box or can be fully customized (and everything in between). The application is available in Dutch and English but can be made available in more languages. Migreat! adds maximum value to companies running a larger number of projects simultaneously with multiple projectmanagers and stakeholders. Migreat! accommodates easy collaboration with other businesses and external stakeholders. Within projects there is the ability to link the technical objects (CI's) that are being migrated and their dependency’s to the project progress phases.
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