Red Pine SaaS

על-ידי Random Forest AB Stockholm

Personalization of Content through AI

This app is only available in swedish. Can I trust that personalization with AI really lead to better conversion? Suppose you have twenty different kinds of content available to show for each visitor. Each type of visitor will be more or less likely to click through on different contents. From the beginning the engine will try all kinds of contents on all kinds of visitors, but shortly it will start to learn what the different kind of visitors like. It will start with basic rules, such as visitors who recently viewed page X is more likely to click on certain content, but over time the engine will be more and more sophisticated. One of the best things using AI is that it will also react quickly automatically to changed market behavior without human intervention. However, it is also important to track and learn strategically from what the engine it self is learning. It will over time be able to tell you a lot about your customer base, something you can feed back into your organization. Together with Red Pine comes reports in Power BI available for you to anlayze. You can also control and set rules and for what kind of content to show in an administration page, based on the visitor characteristics. You are also able to add your own weight to certain content, if you have content you want to push harder for a period of time.

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