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ResumeFree™ is an inclusive recruitment tool that screens your top talent into a daily dashboard

What does ResumeFree™ do for employers?

ResumeFree™ is an inclusive recruitment tool that screens your top talent into a daily dashboard. We work with you to define your Ideal Candidate Profile, then created a screening link based on the criteria you've chosen. Because our tool does the screening, you can save yourself up to two days of sorting through applications and focus on your business.

How the ResumeFree™ Screening Process Works

  1. Sign up with ResumeFree™ and create a job posting on our platform. We’ll send you the ideal candidate profile builder shortly thereafter.

  2. Once your profile is created by us and approved by you, you’ll receive a link to your posting on ResumeFree™. This link lets your candidates finish their screening thru the ResumeFree platform at their convenience.

  3. Sit back while we scientifically pre-screen and assess candidates that match the qualities you are looking for in a new hire.

  4. Get daily updates on all candidate data collected, so that you can make informed decisions on the best talent to move through your hiring process

Why use ResumeFree™ to screen candidates?

Use Data to Back Up Your Decisions
Most business decisions are made based on firm data, so why should hiring be any different? We help you gain clarity and direction as you prepare to hire.

Minimize Screening Bias
The ResumeFree™ tool minimizes bias in screening. Using empirical trait assessments we reveal the hidden talent in your applicant pool

Trust in Complete Confidence
The ResumeFree™ process helps to reduce risk in your hiring decisions. Our science-backed assessment tool complies with employment legislation requirements and uses advanced algorithms to ensure the information you receive from candidates is truthful. Hire with confidence knowing that you have chosen the best candidate.

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