FactoryTalk Optix cloud-enabled HMI visualization and integration platform

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Cloud-enabled platform for HMI, IIoT and edge computing applications

Collaborative design in the cloud

The FactoryTalk Optix platform provides components designed for collaborative development of intuitive industrial applications. With FactoryTalk Optix Studio Pro, you can design and modify applications from anywhere, any time with integrated cloud- or locally-hosted code repositories and version management to track changes and know who did what and when. Design and test applications directly from a web browser via the cloud, or if you prefer, use desktop installable design software with cloud connectivity. Wizard-based workflows, reusable and customizable content libraries, and modern templates for navigation, login, alarms and notifications let design teams develop applications faster, while maintaining application standards.

FactoryTalk Hub provides the cloud platform for design collaboration, equipping design teams with the tools they need to be faster and more innovative than ever before. Reduce development time with cloud-enabled workflows for both controller and HMI design.

Edge-to-cloud IT/OT convergence

IoT and edge capabilities enable IT/OT convergence by simplifying industrial data collection and enhancing its value through data contextualization, making it easily accessible for on-premises or cloud applications. In FactoryTalk Optix, you can create information models at the OT layer and seamlessly send them to upstream IT applications to improve critical KPIs. With the addition of FactoryTalk Smart Objects, you can extend information models into controllers, providing high fidelity data capture and contextualization. Native integration with OPC UA for secure solutions offers new strategies in designing Industry 4.0-compliant M2M and Industrial IoT applications. Support for consortia defined OPC UA Companion Specifications streamlines integration between automation systems. Scripting capabilities enable data access more quickly. FactoryTalk Optix provides the right foundation to drive edge-to-cloud IT/OT convergence at the enterprise level, providing better insights into your production environment for better decision-making.

Deployment options

Choose the runtime platform that works for your application, with a modular, object-oriented architecture and support for Windows, Linux or containers. Deploy applications to open standard industrial PC, closed OptixPanel operator terminal, closed Embedded Edge Compute in a Logix chassis, a FactoryTalk Edge Managed node or “bring-your-own” compute. One-click configuration display client options are available. Choose thick clients or HTML5 web clients - or you can choose to have no display clients for applications that move, contextualize and transfer data. Deploy, maintain and troubleshoot applications from anywhere, any time by adding FactoryTalk Remote Access.

“The FactoryTalk Optix portfolio is a game changer. It is an open solution that offers flexibility with a future-ready approach, and it allows us to design more innovative equipment faster through multi-user collaboration and web-based design and testing, as well as integrated version control.” -Guy Lopez, Vice President of Operations, Wulftec International

Explore, test and adopt at no cost

You have a choice: the design collaboration and integrated code management of FactoryTalk Optix Studio Pro, or design applications with no-cost, locally installable FactoryTalk Optix Studio Standard. FactoryTalk Optix Studio Standard provides a full-featured HMI design environment, without the connectivity and collaboration features provided with a Pro license. A 2-hour time limit on Runtime applications lets you test applications while you design. You can explore, learn, test and adopt FactoryTalk Optix with no upfront expense.

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